Gather, a minimalist studio in Katonah, offers style and luxury for the home


Gather, located at 159 Katonah Ave in Katonah, focuses on style and luxury for the home. Photo courtesy of Autumn Martin.

​​​​If Gather, the new home style store in Katonah, were a person, she would be the one who always manages to look effortlessly cool and pulled together. Nothing looks out of place and everything looks simple and stylish. That ‘cool without even trying’ vibe is exactly what the owners of Gather, mother-daughter duo Suzanne and Autumn Martin, envisioned when they developed the concept for their northern Westchester shop.

“I always wanted to get into objects for the home, and home decor,” said Suzanne. “I wanted to do style and luxury for the home with a clean, minimal, beachy vibe.” Suzanne, who has run Katonah clothing boutique Rubysue for the past 21 years, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring her vision to life when the space adjacent to Rubysue became available earlier this year.

“I wanted Gather to be a place where when you come in you’re inspired,” Suzanne said. “Like a studio or atelier. A place to get inspiration for your home.” In the small, whitewashed and neatly curated space on Katonah Avenue, shoppers can find everything from glassware and linens to handmade candles, plants and skincare items. The items have a decidedly minimalist feel with an eye to cultural concepts of Scandinavian hygge and Japanese wabi-sabi.

The inside of Gather in Katonah. Photo courtesy of Autumn Martin.

Hygge, a Danish term for coziness and well-being, is apparent in the textiles the Martins have carefully chosen. From cloth napkins to linen bedsheets, each item has a rich texture and satisfying hand feel. The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi, which encourages the acceptance of slight but natural imperfections in materials, comes through in the handmade wooden serving spoons, pottery and granite coasters artfully displayed throughout the shop.

For Suzanne and Autumn, Gather’s items are not just objects for sale. Rather, they are chosen with intention and cared for until they meet their eventual loving owner. Autumn said that level of care is what separates a good shopping experience from a great one. “It’s an attention to detail you get when you shop here,” she said. “We’ll ask, what does your friend like? What does your kitchen look like? We’ll be here with you, and work one-on-one with you for however long you want to hang out here to find that perfect gift.”

Suzanne and Autumn Martin source many of the items inside Gather from Hudson Valley maker fairs. Image courtesy of Autumn Martin.

In order to source the items inside of Gather, the Martins travel to maker fairs and markets throughout the Hudson Valley. They look for artists who fit their own design sensibilities and develop lasting relationships with them. “Questions we ask ourselves, that help us in buying, are, how do we want to live? What ideally is our lifestyle and what products will we use? That helps us in buying,” said Autumn. “Would we want this item in our own home?”

For Autumn, who graduated Northeastern University in 2020, joining her mother at Gather has allowed her to apply the skills she learned as an entrepreneurship major to a real world business. She also has the added benefit of working alongside her favorite business partner and mentor: her mom. “I think it’s so cool that my mom is a boss woman,” Autumn said. “That’s so empowering. She is wonder woman.”

Suzanne and Autumn say the early feedback they have been getting on their store concept is positive. “I’ve been hearing people say that it’s a great addition to the town,” Suzanne said. “It’s so wonderful to be able to bring another genre into Katonah. I love Katonah and want to see it thrive. We are bringing a design style to upper Westchester that is not here now.”

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Image courtesy of Autumn Martin.
Image courtesy of Autumn Martin.
Image courtesy of Autumn Martin.
Image courtesy of Autumn Martin.
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