SPACE on Ryder Farm opens its roadside farm stand for the season


Inside the roadside farm stand at SPACE on Ryder Farm. (Benjamin Allen / HudValley Photo)

On Friday, SPACE on Ryder Farm opened its roadside farm stand for the season, making organically grown produce and flowers accessible to community members 24/7 from now through November. Everything at the stand will be 50% off through this weekend.

While our area is fortunate to have no shortage of farm stands, Adam Mahon, Farm Manager at Ryder Farm, says what distinguishes SPACE’s farm stand from others is that everything for sale is grown on site at the certified organic farm in Brewster.

Farm Manager Adam Mahon surveys the land at Ryder Farm. (Benjamin Allen / HudValley Photo)

“We have a ton of options that we’re looking forward to being able to provide to the community,” said Mahon, referring to the “seasonal stars” of produce that are available when in season. “Cherry tomatoes are a trickle at first then tumble in like a deluge,” Mahon said.

This weekend, shoppers can look forward to finding kale, chard and snap peas, in addition to summer goodies that are just starting to come in, such as tomatoes, basil, zucchini, various herbs and fresh flowers. “It’s been an abundant season, said Mahon.

Shoppers who visit the farm stand will find a few new updates for this year. A digital checkout system provides an option to pay digitally. Items will be color coded to make it easy for people to understand what things cost. For example, items marked with a yellow tag will cost three dollars. Five-dollar items will have a different color tag. SPACE team members will check in on the stand each morning and restock it three to four times per week with the latest bounty from the fields.

Inside the farm stand at SPACE on Ryder Farm. (Benjamin Allen / HudValley Photo)

While consumers are used to finding just about any fruit or vegetable they may be looking for regardless of the season, Mahon stressed that it’s important—and far more satisfying—to eat with the seasons.

“Palates naturally change seasonally,” Mahon explained. “What you’re eating in the summer is not necessarily what you’re into at another time. I wouldn’t maybe appreciate summer fresh tomatoes as much if I had them available to me all the time. It’s the seasonal goodies that I look forward to bringing to family cookouts.” Mahon added that seasonal eating creates conditions that allow for farmers to farm more responsibly.

The farm team harvests vegetables at SPACE on Ryder Farm. (Benjamin Allen / HudValley Photo)

Mahon, who has spent over a decade in farming, has found working at SPACE to be among his more meaningful experiences. “Maintaining the artists residency as well as preserving the historical integrity of this property as active farmland allows us to have a more mission-focused relationship with how we are growing our food, what we’re growing it for, and how we’re getting it to folks,” he said. SPACE donates 50% of its harvest to Putnam and Westchester County individuals and families in need through its Friend of the Harvest program.

And then there’s the pure joy of seeing something through from planting through purchase. “At a certain point in the season, you look away and then you look back and the peppers are just like, kicking butt, and they look great,” he said with a smile. “It takes a lot of folks to be able to make that happen. The satisfaction of completing these projects and having a very tangible relationship to the end product feels awesome.”


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