This little fundraiser is making a big impact in the equine community


Alexandra Clarke with her pony, Little Prince. Photo by Benjamin Allen, HudValley Photo

Alexandra Clarke believes that anyone who wants to open their own business should know a few things: how to make a logo, how to make a brand, and how to sell. She also believes in the power and importance of fundraising.

Alexandra is 7 years old.

Several weeks ago, Alexandra met a miniature horse named Teddy. Teddy had come perilously close to being sent to slaughter but was fortunate enough to be rescued. That got Alexandra thinking – what could she do to help horses in need? She decided to make and sell horse treats, to raise money for equine charities.

“I wanted to do treats because I know my pony really loves treats, and that all ponies love them.”

Alexandra, with the help of her mom Dalia Clarke, got to work. She named her fledgling business Little Pony Treats. She created a logo for it. She and Dalia came up with an all-natural recipe using flour, apples, carrots, coconut and oats. The pair began baking. They decided on a price of $5 per bag of 8 treats. Any money raised would be donated to an equine charity.

Alexandra's pony, Little Prince, is her chief taste tester. Photo by Benjamin Allen, HudValley Photo.

Alexandra began selling Little Pony Treats at Old Salem Farm, where she’s been taking riding lessons for the past three years. The treats were an instant hit. Next, she began selling at places frequented by the equestrian community: Hayfields Market in North Salem and RIDE equestrian boutique in Bedford.

Alexandra quickly met her initial goal to raise $100. “Every time she got a donation or made a sale, she was thrilled,” Dalia said. “Next thing you know, her goal was $500, and then it was $1,000. I don’t think she’s going to stop.”

One hundred percent of the funds raised through Little Pony Treats is donated to Endeavor Therapeutic, a non-profit in Bedford Corners. Endeavor provides equine-assisted activities and therapies to individuals with special needs, at-risk youth, residential facilities, veterans and active service members. As the business continues to fundraise, Little Pony Treats may seek another local charity focused on equine rescue and rehab.

To date, Alexandra’s Little Pony Treats has made and sold hundreds of treats.“I feel good when I sell the treats,” Alexandra said. “It’s good to give thanks to the ponies that always help you when you’re riding.”

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