PQ to resume a majority of in-person instruction tomorrow, despite additional staff absences


Photo by Benjamin Allen, HudValley Photo

Pequenakonck Elementary School will re-open tomorrow, January 13, despite the number of anticipated staff absences rising to 14, up from 10 on Monday. Students in grades K-2, students with disabilities and English language learners will return to in-person instruction, as well as the majority of students in Cohort B in Grades 3-5 . Three sections will continue with remote instruction for the remainder of the week, though the affected sections have not yet been notified.

In a note to families, Superintendent Ken Freeston said, "the administrative team has completely redesigned the instructional schedule so that 22 of our 25 K-5 sections can resume tomorrow. Three K-5 sections will remain remote."

The District will notify parents of those students in sections that will remain remote by 4PM today. The remote instruction may be synchronous or asynchronous.

Freeston added, "in North Salem we honor HIPAA privacy protections. Parents should not assume the teachers' absences are COVID involved." 

Also on Tuesday, PQ Principal Mary Johnson, in her weekly note to families, said that the school will prioritize supervision needs in its efforts to return students to school. "Having students in school is the highest priority, which means other priorities may become secondary," she said. 

Specials and remedial services may be canceled or made asynchnronous when the number of staff absences necessitates that the school reassign resources in order to maintain adequate student supervision, as will be the case for the remainder of this week.

"We may even ask to keep a single class home and learn remotely if that allows us to keep the rest of the building open," Johnson said. 

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